The Onxy Path, in partnership with Eddy Webb and Pugsteady, will release Pugmire, a new creator-owned fantasy RPG set in a world that has literally gone to the dogs. A retail print run is being funded though Kickstarter and has already raised over $150,000.

The game is set in the ancient future of our world, where dogs have inherited the Earth. They have built a kingdom years after the Ages of Man. They seek to rediscover the world they’ve inherited with the  leftover technology of humanity, but they think it’s all magic handed to them by their lost gods (The Masters). Some scholars mine the fragmented lore of mankind to create a better world, some live only to fight the demons that plague the land.

The family-friendly game uses traditional fantasy rules system (based on the d20 Open Game License). It’s been streamlined for easy play and character creation, with an emphasis on cooperation and action over competition and violence. Players tale the role of uplifted animals in this world, and have adventures and fight enemies (like demon-possessed zombies or the cats of the Monarchies of Mau) and try to always be a good dog.

The Pugmire rulebook be a 184-page, full-color, 7 x 10 hardcover book.Kickstarter price for a print copy is $40.00.  Trade release is planned for September 2017. A three-panel Gamemaster Screen is also available for $15.00.

The Kickstarter has raised $162,403 from 2,667 backers ($60.89/backer average) as of this writing, well over the modest $15,000 goal. There is a retailer level for five copies of the book, as well as five GM screens and extra. Fulfillment is planned for August 2017. The campaign runs through March 8.