CoolMiniOrNot, Inc. has announced plans to bring the expansion set for Sweet Games' World War I cooperative card game The Grizzled: At Your Order! to the U.S. later this year.

The Grizzled:  At Your Orders!  expands the base game by adding new Missions with different bonuses, penalties, and resolution conditions from the basic game Missions.  Two special end-of-game Missions are featured:  “Final Assault” and “Last Stand”, either of which will end the game when they are completed.  New Duo and Solo playing rules are also part of the expansion, as are a set of cardboard cutouts featuring the characters of The Grizzled.

Originally published in France, The Grizzled features artwork from one of the cartoonists sadly killed during the violent attack against Charlie Hebdo last year (see “New Game Illustrated by Fallen ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Cartoonist”).