AD Vision, Inc. the parent company of ADV Films, Newtype USA, ADV Manga, and the Anime Network, announced the formation of a new division, ADV Toys.  The division will create toys and collectible merchandise based upon ADV's extensive film, manga and original content holdings.  A.D. Vision's President and CEO John Ledford indicated that ADV Toys would create high quality, high-end toys for collectors as well as 'budget appropriate toys and collectibles for younger age groups.'


So far ADV has not provided a timetable for its first ADV Toys releases.  While ADV has been able to develop a manga publishing presence very quickly (see 'First ADV Manga Titles Street In September'), toys and models take longer to develop, manufacture, and ship.  Still ADV has been working on these new initiatives for some time, and given the nature of some of the anime licenses the company holds including RahXephon, Noir, and Sailor Moon, to name just a few -- ADV Toys could, depending on which toy licenses it acquires, quickly become a major supplier for retailers who deal in anime merchandise.