Bionicle:  Mask of Light -- the first 3D, CGI animated film based on the LEGO action figures -- will be released today on DVD and video by Buena Vista Home Entertainment (see 'Bionicles Movie Deal Set'), with another direct-to-video and one theatrical release to follow in the next twelve months.  A sneak preview of the film was shown last weekend in California, and the star-studded guest list included the kids from Everybody Loves Raymond and Dee Dee Davis of Bernie Mac.


The picture's release drew the attention of Entertainment Weekly, which gave it a 'B+' in the video/DVD section of the September 19th issue.  EW isn't the only place to see hype for the DVD.  TV ads have been airing during children's programming to ensure that the release does not go unnoticed.  The ads should serve not only to acknowledge the DVD, but also bring new attention to the existing toy line and CCG.