The New York Times published a major article on DC's Vertigo line in its Monday, September 15th, business section.  Written by Dana Jennings, the article focuses on Vertigo EIC Karen Berger and her approach to comic publishing, which emphasizes the writer first.   Neil Gaiman's Sandman:  Endless Nights, due out this week, is described as 'a crucial marketing gambit to introduce prospective readers to the rest of its line.'   The initial print run is revealed to be 100,000 copies (DC's largest graphic novel first printing ever, see 'Sandman's Endless Nights Shipping Big'), which makes the hardcover edition larger than the hardcover edition of Gaiman's bestselling novel, American Gods (see 'Neil Gaiman's Triumphant Return to Comics').  Over-all, the article is great coverage of Vertigo, emphasizing the appeal of the line to older readers and Endless Nights' position as the major graphic novel release of the year. 


ICv2 also made its first appearance in the New York Times, with our work on graphic novel market size referenced.