WizKids, the company that invented the 'collectible miniatures game' with Mage Knight (see 'December Product of the Month'), is introducing The Black Powder Rebels Chariot, which will haul a Mage Knight figure around the battlefield, freeing that fighter to devote all its activities to combat.  The chariot has several components--the beast, the wheels, the chariot housing--all of which will have a separate combat dial.  Characters can board and dismount from the chariot during the game.  The increased mobility that a chariot provides a player will make it tough for other players to keep their forces a 'safe' distance away, and the introduction of chariots will change the strategy and tactics of Mage Knight conflicts.


The Chariot comes mounted on a six-inch long, four-dial base similar to ones used on other larger Mage Knight products like the Great Fire Dragon (see 'Mage Knight Great Fire Dragon Announced').  The different dials represent the various components of the Chariot, which can all be damaged independently of one another.  The Chariot will have a fixed value of 100 points in the Mage Knight gaming system.  It will come packed on a clear blister card and will retail for $24.95.


Mage Knight is the most dynamic and innovative gaming system introduced in the gaming industry during the past year.  Already other companies are creating their own CMGs (collectible miniature games, see 'Precedence Moves Away From CCGs'), but Mage Knight with its ease of play, remains the standout property in this rapidlygrowing category.