Jay Bardyla of Happy Harbor Comics & Toys in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) comments on the recent article regarding DC's sales in September (see "Dramatic Shift in DC Sales").

In regards to your article about DC's shift from titles over 50,000 copies, it may be worth noting that of the 38 ISSUES that DC had in September over 50,000 copies there are only 24 different titles.  I'm not sure how that stacks up against the "New 52" launches as the total number of copies may still be in excess but it may be worth noting.

Thanks for pointing this out.  We were aware that DC has changed its configuration to publish more issues of fewer titles and correctly called them "DCs" instead of "titles" in one case, but incorrectly called them "titles" and not "issues" in another.  We've corrected that in our article, as it wasn't clear what we meant as written.  But that doesn't change our point, which is the number of DC releases in September that sold much better than at any time in the recent past.  The reconfiguration of DC's titles was part of that change and helped produce it.  Thanks again for helping to clear that up.   –ed.

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