Valiant released a teaser for the new crossover today.  The events of Harbinger Wars 2 will spin out of Harbinger Renegade, the new series written by Rafer Roberts and drawn by Darick Robertson (see "'The Future of Valiant' Initiative").  The first issue of Harbinger Renegade is due on shelves November 16.

Valiant will release further details about both Harbinger Renegades and Harbinger Wars 2 shortly.

The first Harbinger Wars started in 2013, shortly after Valiant’s relaunch, and brought together Harbinger, Bloodshot, Toyo Harada, and Generation Zero (see "'Harbinger Wars' Debuts in April").

Valiant also has a five-film deal with Sony based on the Harbinger Wars crossover (see "Sony Plans Five Valiant Films").  Bloodshot was set to be the first film in the series, with a 2017 release, but Sony recently moved Harbinger to the front of the line (see "'Hot Wheels' Film Finds Director, Valiant Flips Movie Order").