Ron Catapano of Ron's Comic World in Mount Holly, New Jersey shares his opinion on what Marvel might have planned for their mutant universe.

This is just my opinion, but…

With all the Rebir…  I mean ResurrXion talk going on, I think Marvel has a plan! (see "X-Men Return to a Brighter Universe").  With Marvels realization that they were not going to get the "mutant" movie franchise back anytime soon they cut back on X-Men books and started pushing the Inhumans.

While the Inhumans books do okay, they haven't been received nearly as well as the X-Men.  I think this is why they put the Inhumans movie on hold, somebody got an idea…  the terrigen mist is killing people with the mutant gene, which leads to the Inhumans vs X-Men, but what if somebody finds a way to "remove" the mutant gene saving the person and allowing the terrigen mist to work on them perhaps in a guided fashion allowing the mist to give them essentially the same abilities they had as a mutant, wait for it…  only now they would be Inhumans NOT mutants!

Marvel can do movies about Inhumans!  They wouldn't get the mutant license back but it would allow them to use "shared" characters because they are no longer mutants.

Tricky, but it would work.   Either that or Disney's just going to buy 20th Century Fox.

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