Continuing its celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Steve Jackson’s first game title, Ogre, the company has announced the March 2017 release of Ogre Reinforcements.

This expansion set provides additional materials for players who want larger Ogre games or a broader assortment of unit choices than those contained in the Ogre Sixth Edition core set.  Inside are three additional 3D cardboard Ogre models, two more 3D cardboard Command Post models, and five new types of armored units, as well as a complete set of basic infantry.  Rounding out the expansion is additional terrain overlays, including a set of town overlays, which allow players to further customize their battlefield.

In addition to the new units and terrain pieces, Ogre Reinforcements features a set of eight all-new scenarios written by Jackson himself, which are designed to take advantage of the new components in the expansion.

Ogre Reinforcements will come with a total of 5 3D units, 56 counters, 25 overlays, and a rulebook/scenario book.  MSRP is $19.95.

The Ogre Sixth Edition will be releasing in January (see “Steve Jackson’s ‘Ogre’ Returns”).  In July, the company will release a set of plastic miniatures compatible with the new edition (see “‘Ogre’ Gets Plastic at Last”).