From the “if you’ve got a star, why not use her” department, Paramount has released its first full Ghost in the Shell trailer with an intro by Scarlett Johannson, who plays the lead in the film.  Art direction and action appear to be strong points.

Also Sunday, Paramount released a long clip of the shelling sequence from the film via IGN, which is the second video below.

And the third video is a featurette released last week, which includes some footage with the director of the anime, Mamoru Oshii, who threw his support behind Johannson in the lead and the live action adaptation in general.  "Scarlett Johannson playing Motoko from beginning to end has gone above and beyond my expectations for the role,” he said, describing the new adaptation as “the most gorgeous film in the series so far.”

The studio had previously released a number of teasers (see “’Ghost in the Shell’ Teaser” and “First ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Teasers”), but this is the first full length trailer for the film, which releases March 31 (see “Best in Shows – Q1 2017”).