WizKids has announced that X-Men First Class, an expansion for Mike Elliott and Eric M. Lang’s Marvel Dice Masters game, will release in June August. [Release date updated 4-18-17.]

The new expansion draws from the wide history of the X-Men, ranging from the first comic team gathered by Professor Xavier to What If? characters and stories.  Both heroes and villains from Xavier’s school and the Brotherhood of Mutants round out the collection of 30 new characters in the complete set.

Marvel Dice Masters:  X-Men First Class is packaged in foil packs, each with two cards and matching dice for the game.  The foil packs are sold in 90-count gravity feed displays.  Each pack also has a hang tab as an alternative display option.

A limited-edition promo card is also being offered as a “gift with purchase” incentive which retailers can hand out to customers who purchase full displays of X-Men First Class.

The new expansion will follow a Guardians of the Galaxy set, releasing in April (see “‘Marvel Dice Masters’ Gets ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’”).