This spring, Fantasy Flight Games will release the Spirit of Rebellion Booster Pack expansion for its collectible dice and card game Star Wars:  Destiny.

Spirit of Rebellion includes cards and dice from all of the Star Wars films, but with a focus on the characters and stories from Rogue One, such as Jyn Erso, Mon Mothma, Director Krennic, and the Emperor Palpatine himself.  Many of the dice in the set are designed to offer more predictable results than earlier dice for the game, allowing players to build more focused strategies.

The full set of Spirit of Rebellion will have 160 new cards for the game, packaged in five-card booster packs, with three common, one uncommon, and one rare or legendary card in each pack.  Each pack will also have one premium die matching the rare or legendary card.  Booster packs are sold in 36-piece display cases.  MSRP is $2.99 per booster.

Fantasy Flight launched Star Wars:  Destiny late last year with starter sets and Awakenings booster packs (see “‘Star Wars:  Destiny’”).