WizKids has announced the Spider-Man Maximum Carnage Team Pack for Mike Elliott and Eric M. Lang’s Marvel Dice Masters game, scheduled to release in July.

This pack includes some of the characters from the Maximum Carnage Spider-Man storyline, including the webslinger himself, Venom, and a number of villains.  This will be the first appearance of Shriek and Spider-Man’s Doppelganger in Marvel Dice Masters.  The Team Pack can be combined with any Starter Set to craft a highly-focused team for new players or veterans alike.

The Spider-Man Maximum Carnage Team Pack includes 24 cards and 16 dice.  MSRP is $9.99.

In June, WizKids will release the X-Men First Class expansion for Marvel Dice Masters (see “‘Marvel Dice Masters’ Recruits ‘X-Men First Class’”).

Spider-Man will be busy this summer, with a new animated series (see “First Teaser for New ‘Spider-Man’ Animated Series”) and a new movie (see “First Official ‘Spider-Man:  Homecoming’ Trailers”).