Privateer Press announced print statistics cards will be phased out of its Warmachine  and Hordes miniatures games beginning with new releases in July.  The news was shared as the company unveiled its new online playtesting website, the Community Integrated Development (CID) Forums.

Privateer currently offers a companion app for Warmachine and Hordes, the War Room 2, which contains stat cards, in-game features, game rules and rules reference, and in-game sharing. A selection of free cards for all factions is included in the basic app, but players must purchase full faction decks for $8.99. “We will also be offering all of the cards in PDF form on our website in time,” Privateer Press Marketing Manager Jackson Wood told ICv2.  “(W)e will be partnering with a Print on Demand service so people can order cards at their leisure. This does mean that things that are not errata'd or in CID will eventually have some way to view it up and online. This is expected to offered later this year sometime between April and July, but before Lock & Load GameFest 2017.”

“The CID process takes its cues from software development while leveraging the close dialog we have with our player community,” said Chief Creative Officer Matt Wilson in the statement. “We’re uncoupling the game rules and stats from print media so that, like video games, we can be responsive to the meta while continuing to develop an ever-expanding game line.”

The CID process will be conducted through the Community Integrated Development Forums. The website will contain concept art, current model stats, and playtest directions. Each playtest cycle will last 4 – 6 weeks. The playtest cycles will be timed to begin when the products are sent to distributors for preorder solicitation.  Privateer is currently running CID on the new Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest Hordes models which will premiere at the Lock & Load Gamefest on July 14.