In Secret Empire: Brave New World, the world’s heroes must decide between fighting Captain America, the world’s greatest hero and leader of Hydra, or falling in line.

Primarily written by Paul Allor (Uncanny Inhumans) and drawn by Brian Level (Deadpool), this companion series to Secret Empire (see “The Marvel Universe Vs. Captain America”) focuses on Human Torch, Toro, and Namor’s defense of Atlantis from their former ally Steve Rogers and Hydra.

The first two issues of the series, which also features Blade, Gwenpool, and Patriot, will be in stores in June. Allor shares writing duties on the first issue with Jeremy Whitley and Nick Kocher, and Diego Olortegui and Will Robson contribute to the art. On the second issue, Fabian Nicieza and Rodney Barnes help write and Tana Ford and Juan M. Frigeri help with art.

The main event kicks off on April 19 with Secret Empire #0 (see “'Secret Empire' #0”). The first issue of the nine-issue Secret Empire miniseries is out May 3. One-shot tie ins will hit shelves on May 31 and June 14 (see “'Secret Empire' One-Shots Bring the Fight to Captain America”).

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