WizKids will release The Mighty Thor, a new expansion for Mike Elliot and Eric M. Lang’s Marvel Dice Masters game, at the same time as the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok film.

The new expansion will feature the heroic Asgardian himself, as well as a variety of heroes and villains that have crossed his path over the years, including Spider-Man, The Hulk, and Iron Man, with a total of more than 30 characters for use with the game.

Marvel Dice Master:  The Mighty Thor will be available in two formats:

Releasing in October, The Mighty Thor Countertop Display comes with eight Draft Packs, designed for use in draft tournaments but suitable for any Marvel Dice Masters game.  Each Draft Pack includes 2 Basic Action cards, 12 Character or Action cards, and 24 matching dice.  MSRP is $9.99 per Draft Pack.  (Draft packs are a new format for Dice Masters, first introduced in the third Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters expansion—see “‘Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters’ Expands”).

Then, in November, WizKids will release The Mighty Thor Gravity Feed display, which contains 90 randomly-filled foil packs.  Each foil pack comes with 2 cards and 2 matching dice.  MSRP is $0.99 per foil pack.  For retailers wishing to display the game on a pegboard, the foil packs come equipped with hang tabs.

As an added incentive, WizKids is offering a “gift with purchase” for anyone who pre-orders a full gravity feed or countertop display of The Mighty Thor.  The gift will be an alternate art version of a Marvel Dice Masters card.  Each purchase of one display grants eligibility for one gift with purchase, while supplies last.

Thor:  Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3 (see “‘Thor:  Ragnarok’ Teaser and Poster”).