The Scarlet Rose Vol. 1 GN
Publisher: Papercutz ('Charmz' imprint)
Release Date: November 28, 2017
Cover Price: $9.99 (TP) / $14.99 (HC)
Creator: Patricia Lyfoung
Format: 96 pgs., Full-Color, 6-1/2" X 9", Trade Paperback/Hardcover
ISBN:  9-781-6299-1826-6 (TP)/9-781-6299-1827-3 (HC)
Rating: All-Ages

High adventure and historical fiction come together in a swashbuckling thriller!  Swords, vengeance, and a dashing highwayman known as the Fox comprise the key components to The Scarlet Rose, as Maud learns everything she thought she knew about her life wasn’t true, and how to grow and grieve after losing her father.  The Scarlet Rose blends exciting, thrilling action with grounded, emotional characterization.

Description of preview: 4 total pages (Cover and 3 interior pages).