The Amazon hero of the DC Universe is back for a second round in a new DC Comics HeroClix:  Wonder Woman Gravity Feed Display, now available to the hobby trade.

Like the first Wonder Woman Gravity Feed Display which released in May (see "Wonder Woman Headlines Her Own 'HeroClix' Set"), this expansion features Wonder Woman as well as her allies and adversaries.  The figures included in the new display include three figures that have new dials:  Raven, Steve Trevor, and Etta Candy.  In addition, a new exclusive Wonder Woman chase figure will be available only in the new display.

Each figure is packaged individually in a foil pack with an MSRP of $2.99 each.  Each display includes 24 packs.

WizKids had originally announced a version of the Wonder Woman Gravity Feed Display for the mass market, but that has been cancelled.  Instead, the core hobby trade can order the second version of the display, which is available now.  The new displays will have similar packaging to the original display, which is also available while supplies last.

Click the Gallery below for images of some of the figures from the set.