Upper Deck will release new Marvel: Legendary Deck Building Game and VS System organized play kits this month.

Marvel:  Legendary Deck Building Game - Organized Play Kit #3 will include 1 acetate Mysterio Mastermind card, 5 foil Symbiote Spider-Man cards, and 25 alternate art foil “Invade the Daily Bugle” Scheme cards, all for use with the Marvel:  Legendary Deck Building Game, as well as a playmat depicting a battle between Spider-Man and the Sinister Six.

Meanwhile, VS System - Organized Play Kit #4 comes with cards for the VS System: an acetate Captain Marvel Main Character card, 5 alternate art foil Adam Warlock cards, 25 alternate art foil Cosmo cards, and a Fortress playmat.

Upper Deck began offering its Organized Play Kits earlier this year (see “Upper Deck Launching OP Kits for ‘Marvel:  Legendary’”).