Syfy has revealed a release month and new teaser for Krypton. The show will begin airing in March 2018 as confirmed with Syfy by fansite

The fansite also confirmed more details on the plot of Krypton. The series, which focuses on Superman’s grandfather Seg-El as he struggles to restore honor to the fallen House of El (see “Syfy Greenlights 'Krypton'”), will also feature Adam Strange (played by Shaun Sipos). Strange will put the events of the series into motion when he travels through time to warn Seg of pending doom for Krypton. Seg must then choose between saving his home planet or allowing its destruction in order to secure the destiny of his grandson. 

The new teaser takes on a decidely dystopian feel and includes narration by Seg, who is played by Cameron Cuffe (see “Syfy Expands 'Krypton' Cast”), and new footage of the character. Georgina Campbell’s Lyta Zod also features prominently in the teaser (see “'Krypton' Casts Its Female Lead”).