Portland-based comic publisher Oni Press is reorganizing, with long-time Founder and Publisher Joe Nozemack taking a new role as Chief Financial Officer, and James Lucas Jones, formerly Editor-in-Chief, taking the role of Publisher.  Nozemack co-founded Oni with Bob Schreck in 1997, and has served as Publisher for more than 20 years.

Oni Press also announced a number of other promotions and changes of personnel:

  • Charlie Chu, formerly in Oni Press editorial, has been promoted to VP-Creative and Business Development.
  • Brad Rooks is Director of Operations.
  • Ari Yarwood, formerly Managing Editor and current head of Limerence Press, has been promoted to Executive Editor of Oni Press.
  • Robin Herrera, formerly Editor, has been promoted to Senior Editor.
  • Desiree Wilson joined Oni as Associate Editor last August, after interning with Dark Horse Comics.
  • Hilary Thompson has been promoted to Senior Designer.
  • Angie Knowles has been promoted to Digital Press Lead.
  • Kate Stone has joined the company as Junio Graphic Designer.
  • Rachel Reed, formerly Publicity Manager, is now Marketing Manager.
  • Melissa (MacFadyen) Meszaros, formerly PR Manager at Dark Horse Comics, has joined the company as Publicity Manager.
  • Alissa Sallah joined the company as Administrative Assistant early last year.