Funimation Productions, the North American licensor for Dragonball, Yu-Yu Hakusho, Detective Conan, Kitty Grade, Blue Gender, and numerous other anime properties, has inked a deal allowing videogame mavens g-Net to create official DVD strategy guides (or iGuides) for Dragon Ball Z videogames.   The iGuide DVDs provide gamers with video-based instructions on controls and gameplay, features on the game's characters, weapons, and locations, walkthroughs, and exclusive animated bonus content. 


With a patent pending and a growing list of major licenses, g-Net is the pioneer and category leader in the DVD strategy guide market.  Funimation Productions, which distributes DVDs for its own numerous properties as well as those of 4Kids Entertainment (Yu-Gi-Oh, TMNT), previously signed a deal to distribute g-Net's DVD strategy guides.  Funimation will provide fans with a demonstration of the iGuide to Atari's DBZ: Budokai 2 videogame, with a special iGuide demo, detailing secrets and tips on how to master the Budokai 2 game, which will be included on the Dragon Ball GT: Calculations DVD due out on December 30.