Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Joshua Williamson are teaming up for Justice League: No Justice, a four-issue weekly miniseries that will kick off on May 9. Francis Manapul is illustrating the adventure, which will set the stage for a new family of Justice League titles.

Starting in June, Snyder will assume writing duties on the flagship Justice League series, with Tynion and Williamson writing yet-to-be-announced related titles. To make room for the new Justice League titles, Christopher Priest and Pete Woods, who assumed writing and art duties with Justice League #34, will end their run in April with issue #43. Justice League of America, which is being written by Steve Orlando, will end with issue #29 (via IGN). 

In No Justice, Brainiac arrives on Earth to warn the Justice League that a dire threat is approaching. Earth’s greatest champions will need to team up with some of the most dangerous villains to defeat the menace.

No Justice comes on the heels of Snyder and Greg Capulo’s Dark Knights: Metal, which wraps in March, with collections to follow in June (see “Three 'Metal' Collections”).

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