For immediate release.  In a new collaboration with NPD Books, geek culture business news site will begin publishing monthly graphic novel bestseller charts provided by NPD BookScan, including charts for graphic novel sub-categories Manga, Kids, Superhero, and Author.  ICv2 will offer the new charts free to its readers; ICv2 Pro will offer the same charts with sales quantities to subscribers.

"We’re very happy with this major expansion of the NPD BookScan graphic novel data we’re going to be able to share with our readers and subscribers," ICv2 CEO Milton Griepp said of the new content deal.  "ICv2 has always been a champion of the graphic novel format, as we believe it has the greatest potential for expanding the reach of the comics medium.  Providing a deeper understanding of that market is a key step toward further growth."

The new collaboration will kick off with full year 2017 graphic novel bestseller charts, including the overall top sellers, plus the bestsellers in the Manga, Kids, Superhero, and Author subcategories.  ICv2 Pro subscribers will see those same charts with actual sales quantities.  Monthly charts will begin with sales in January 2018.

"We’re excited to be partnering more closely with ICv2," said Kristen Mclean, Executive Director, Business Development at The NPD Group.  "We believe the sustained growth in Comics and Graphic Novels in the Trade side of the market is an important trend that publishers and retailers need to understand as we all navigate a rapidly changing consumer landscape.  ICv2’s 360-degree view will help everyone engage and understand the opportunities; and we are looking forward to working together on this type of insight in the coming year."

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