At New York Toy Fair, WizKids was offering first looks at high profile releases planned for later this year, including a massive D&D Icons of the Realms ship miniature, licensed Magic: The Gathering token creatures, and a Black Dragon Trophy Plaque.

[Update 2/21: WizKids added some new components to the D&D: Ship Falling Star at the end of the show. The new images can be seen here: “Preview: Upcoming 'HeroClix,' 'Dice Masters,' and Board Games.”]

See images of all three products in the gallery below!

NECA/WizKids representative James O’Brien gave ICv2 the rundown on the prototype ship. “The decks of the ship are going to be removable. You can have things going on below decks, whether it's stored treasure, surprise encounters, or if it's even just a place that people end up moving to, to have some combat interactions.”

“One side of the decks are going to have a grid for combat, and the other side of the deck is going to be plain,” he continued. “Whether people are doing gridded games of Dungeons & Dragons, or theater of mind, it's going to be the right layout for them.” The design is not final. WizKids did hint that an unpainted version of the boat may be available after the painted version is released.

O’Brien also explained the plans for the Magic: The Gathering token creature figures. “For people who play Magic: The Gathering, they might have a card that generates a token create for them. A classic the example is that ‘Sacred Mesa’ would make Pegasus tokens.”

“Instead of you generating a Pegasus token, which might be represented by a glass bead, or a piece of cardboard, now, you can have this high-quality miniature to sit on the tabletop, and make your Magic: The Gathering game a little bit more immersive and interesting.” The prototypes are very early, but WizKids will be showing off other samples at trade shows throughout the year.

The Mind Flayer, Beholder, and Red Dragon Trophy Plaques will soon have a new neighbor vying for wall space – The Black Dragon. “The Black Dragon's the newest one to add to the list. This is not the final design yet. This is the third or fourth print of it, but this is pretty close to what it's going to finally look like,” said O’Brien. “It shouldn't be too much longer. I'm hoping by Q4, it'll be ready to be released.”