A spokesperson for Wizards of the Coast has confirmed to ICv2 that WotC will be issuing a Star Wars Collectible Miniatures Game.  Given the magnitude of the property and the increasing popularity of CMGs, this could easily be one of 2004's major releases in the Games category.  Catalog pages for the new Star Wars CMG and images of packaging prototypes have appeared online at the CreationMatrix site, which is frequented by CMG gamers. 


WotC will use the standard CMG format for its first Star Wars release, with Entry Packs (srp $19.99) and Booster Packs ($9.99).  The first set of Star Wars miniatures will include 60 pre-painted figures, all of which come from the original Star Wars trilogy (now known as Episodes IV, V, and VI).  The initial set will include common, uncommon, rare, and super-rare figures.  With a plethora of interesting creatures, robots, and vehicles from each of the trilogies, Star Wars is the perfect property for a CMG, since it offers enough potential game pieces to support numerous expansions.


The Star Wars CMG Entry Pack will include everything necessary to play the game right out of the box including randomized figures from the first three levels of rarity.  The Expansion or Booster Packs will be the only source for the super-rare figures.  Look for additional Expansions at regular intervals after the Star Wars CMG debuts in August.  ICv2 will provide more details as they become available.