Bushiroad will release the fourth Dragoborne booster set, Surge of Titans, on June 29.  This set will introduce Overflow as a new keyword ability, allowing a creature with Overflow that hits hard enough to break through an opponent’s defenses more easily when its attack chains to another creature.

The set includes 80 types of normal cards (RR: 10 / $: 20 / U: 20 / C: 30), plus five secret cards.  Parallel holo cards will be randomly inserted.  At least one card in every pack will be R or above.

Sneak Preview tournaments will be held the weekend of June 22-24.  Sneak Preview Kits include 55 Booster packs, 8 PR cards and 1 Holo PR card for participants, and 2 premium rubber playmats.

Then in August, the Surge of Titans Battlegrounds Tournament will be held, with players receiving PR cards and an exclusive playmat for the winner.

The previous booster was released in February (see "Third Booster Set for ‘Dragoborne TCG’ in February").

Click Gallery below for full-size illustrations from this set!