Inkworks is offering retailers a 'Stocking Stuffer' promotion with the dual intent of providing stores with more 'kid-friendly' items and encouraging more youngsters to collect trading cards.  Retailers who order one box of Justice League cards ($45 wholesale cost) and one box of Looney Tunes Back in Action cards ($45 wholesale cost) will receive two boxes of Scooby-Doo Mysteries and Monsters retail edition cards ($47.52 full retail value) free.  The Justice League and Looney Tunes boxes include 36 packs each, while the Scooby-Doo retail boxes contain 24 packs each.  The seven-card Justice League packs and the six-card Looney Tunes packs retail for $1.99, while the Scooby-Doo packs, which contain 4 cards and 1 sticker retail for ninety-nine cents.  Inkworks will ship orders received by 3pm (Eastern Time) the same day so that retailers will be able to have these items, which are perfect for last minute stocking stuffers) for the holiday season (including that week between Christmas and New Years, when kids themselves typically have more spending money).


All three of the animated properties involved in the promotion have strong followings with youngsters thanks to major exposure on television.  Scooby-Do was actually Warner Brothers #1 license for 2002 with total US retail sales of over $750 million.  The Justice League animated series has been a major hit on the Cartoon Network, where Looney Tunes are a staple.  While the Looney Tunes Back in Action film was a box office disappointment, it received far better reviews than The Cat and the Hat, and should do well when families discover it on DVD.