Tokyopop has confirmed the licensing of the Gundam Seed Astray manga to ICv2.  Gundam Seed Astray is a 'gaiden,' or sidestory (or supplement), to the narrative in the hugely popular (in Japan) Gundam Seed anime.  The events in Gundam Seed Astray take place in the same time frame as the action in Gundam Seed, but are centered on the space colony of Heliopolis, where the supposedly neutral kingdom of Orb has constructed a number of Gundam units, including a Red Frame Gundam and a Blue Frame Gundam.  Although a Gold Frame Gundam is heavily damaged in an attack by ZAFT, the Blue and Red Frame Gundams survive and prove to be the ideal mecha for the heroes of Gundam Seed Astray.


Interestingly one of Tokyopop's newest competitors, Random House imprint Del Rey, has licensed the 'standard' Gundam Seed manga (see 'First Two Del Rey Manga Titles Announced').  If the Gundam Seed anime proves to be half as popular in the US (where it should debut in 2004) as it has been in Japan, there should be more than enough interest to support both lines of Gundam Seed manga.