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Mantic Games is producing a semi-cooperative board game inspired by The Walking Dead:  Here’s Negan graphic novel, with release planned for this November.

In The Walking Dead:  Here’s Negan board game, players assume the role of Negan’s lieutenants, tasked with clearing the “Sanctuary” as described in the graphic novel (see "‘Here’s Negan!’").  The players must work together to accomplish their mission and protect Negan from attacking Walkers, but they must also compete against the other players to earn the most Reputation Points so they can stay in Negan’s favor.

Here’s Negan is completely self contained, but it uses a modified version of the rules set from Mantic’s The Walking Dead:  All Out War tabletop miniatures game (see “Mantic Offers ‘The Walking Dead:  All Out War Collector’s Edition’”), and all of the characters and figures will be fully compatible with that game as well.  It uses a narrative approach, with a dozen scenarios that follow the events in the graphic novel, while incorporating random events to maximize replayability.

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According to preliminary information, the game will include 16 double-sided board tiles, 19 miniatures, and the cards, tokens, and dice needed to play the game.  Here’s Negan is designed for 1 to 5 players.  MSRP is $69.99.

The Walking Dead comic is celebrating its 15th Anniversary this year, with special events scheduled for “The Walking Dead Day” on October 13 (see “‘The Walking Dead’ Gets Its Own Day”).