BOOM! Studios introduced a new value-priced format, Legacy Edition, which will collect every issue of well-known series, to attract new readers to comics. The softcover line will launch in late 2018. [EDIT: On Monday July 2, BOOM! announced Firefly Legacy Book One  will release on November 14 (see “'Firefly' Comics Head for New Ground”).] 

BOOM! is targeting the direct market and book market channels with these Legacy Edition releases, hoping to entice new readers into the comic world with a familiar and well-liked franchise at an affordable, impulse price.

While the first releases for late 2018 are currently unannounced, BOOM! has shared two of the eye-catching pop culture properties which will arrive in 2019: Sons of Anarchy and Big Trouble in Little China. Sons of Anarchy Legacy Edition Book One will be a 304-page volume, collecting Sons of Anarchy #1 – 14 in January 2019. MSRP is $29.99. Book Two (collecting issues #15 -25) will arrive in April, and Book Three (collecting Sons of Anarchy: Redwood Original #1 – 12) is planned for July.

Big Trouble in Little China Legacy Edition Book One is a 304-page volume collecting Big Trouble in Little China #1 – 12 in June 2019. Book Two (collecting issues #13 -25) will arrive in September, and Book Three (collecting Big Trouble in Little China: Old Man Jack #1-12,) is planned for December 2019.

“The new Legacy Edition format is an important part of BOOM! Studios continued efforts to bring new readers into the world of comics with value-priced collections that attract readers who might be experiencing comics for the first time,” said Bryce Carlson, VP of Editorial & Creative Strategy. “With true seminal pop culture properties like Sons of Anarchy and Big Trouble in Little China, alongside some top-secret franchises you’ll hear about soon, these Legacy Edition collections are the perfect place to point the new comic book reader in your life.”

See both covers in the gallery below!