San Diego Comic-Con News: Titan Publishing has announced that it will be publishing a new edition of Dean Motter and Mark Asquith’s 1988 graphic novel collection, The Prisoner: Shattered Visage, which was last published by DC Comics in 2000.  Titan’s new edition will include character sketches and notes from creator Dean Motter.

Originally published in 1988, twenty years after the cult classic Prisoner series debuted on American TV (it bowed in the UK in 1967), Shattered Visage is set 20 years after the original series and functions as an actual sequel to the surrealistic spy saga.  Former secret agent Alice Drake is shipwrecked and lands on the shores of The Village where she encounters Number Six, finds out what happened to Number Two, and discovers the true purpose of the village.

Shattered Visage is the third Prisoner project revealed byTitan Publishing, which acquired rights to the franchise last year, has already announced a new Prisoner comic book series written by Peter Milligan (see "'The Prisoner' Comes to Comics") as well as The Prisoner Art Edition, which features art by legendary masters, Jack Kirby and Gil Kane (see "Unpublished Jack Kirby and Gil Kane Art Revealed").