Skybound Entertainment has announced two new games for its Skybound Games line:  The Walking Dead:  Something to Fear and Valor & Villainy:  Minions of Mordak, releasing in 2019.

The Walking Dead:  Something to Fear is a semi-cooperative card game in which two to five players must work together to survive in a world full of the undead while at the same time competing against the others for position in their group.  Created by Derek and Lizzy Funkhouser, it features art by Justin Chan (Century:  Golem Edition). Release is planned for Q1.

Valor & Villainy:  Minions of Mordak is an “overlord” style roleplaying board game that pits one to five players acting as heroes against a single player who takes on the role of the comically evil wizard Mordak.  The game uses a random board and random minions for Mordak to control. Valor & Villainy will be funded through a Kickstarter campaign in 2019.

MSRP for the games was not announced.

Skybound will soon release Pitchstorm, a party game about unlikely movie ideas (see “Ever Wonder How Questionable Movies Get Made?”).