"Marvel-Meow" – feline ferocity at its finest!  From Black Cat to Hellcat to Kitty Pryde, cat-themed heroes have had an iconic presence in the Marvel Universe and coming this March, Marvel Comics celebrates the Captain Marvel movie with a series of "Marvel-Meow" variant covers by Japanese artist Nao Fuji.  Each variant cover will feature a mini comic centering on heroes like Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Rocket and Groot, Carnage and Venom, and Wolverine.

Please note that the art on the featured covers is one panel of a nine-panel comic.

1.  Daredevil #3 *
2.  Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4 *
3.  Guardians of the Galaxy #3 *
4.  Meet the Skrulls #2
5.  Thor #11
6.  Wolverine: Infinity Watch #2

[* Retailers:  You may order 1 "Marvel-Meow" variant for every 10 copies purchased of the regular cover.]

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