WizKids revealed plans for a new line of dungeon tiles at the retailer dinner at GAMA Trade Show.  WizKids’ 4D line of tiles will use the Warlock Tile system to create gridded play spaces for miniatures-based RPGs.  The tiles are reversible, with stone on one side and wood on the other.  The pieces, including tiles, walls, and other elements, clip together using the Warlock clipping system.

WizKids started with an attempt to create a retailer-focused tile system that addresses three problems:  most are hard to set up, with high prices, and are available only on Kickstarter or online.  The line will be initially sold in two SKUs:  the Dungeon Tile Small Box, which will include 50 2x2 floor tiles, plus doors, walls, corner posts, clips, and a plastic handle corrugated storage carton for $50; and the Dungeon Tile Medium Box, which will include 1 8x8 Floor tile, 75 2x2 Floor tiles, plus more doors, walls, corner posts and walls, 75 Dungeon Edges, clips, and the storage carton for $100.

No release date was announced, and WizKids stressed that all plans are tentative.

Click Gallery below for pictures of some of the slides in the presentation!