WizKids revealed new accessory kits for the WarLock Tiles system that will hit stores in June 2020.

WarLock Tiles: Dungeon Dressings includes decorative items to create unique and immersive dungeons. Dungeon Dressings comes with 8 chairs, 2 round tables, 3 crates, 2 beds, 2 thrones, 2 treasure chests, 2 boulders, 2 stools, 2 Cheval de Frise, 2 benches, 2 piles of ruble, 2 kegs, a treasure pile, a generic statue, an altar, a barrel, a long table, and a pit trap. The barrel features liquid and solid options for display. WarLock Tiles: Dungeon Dressings will have a MSRP of $39.99.

WarLock Tiles: Stairs & Ladders give players the tools to create multi-floored scenarios. Each staircase has been engineered so figures can be placed on the stairs. Stairs & Ladders includes 2 staircase to landing (stone), 2 staircase to landing (wood), 2 elevated staircase from landing (stone), 2 elevated staircase from landing (wood), 2 straight staircases (stone), 2 spiral staircases (stone), 2 broken staircases (stone), 2 single staircases (stone), 2 elevated staircases (stone), 2 wooden ladders, and 2 large ladders. WarLock Tiles: Stairs & Ladders will retail for $39.99.

WarLock Tiles: Town & Country brings the players out of the dungeons and into the countryside and small towns with plaster and timber walls. Town & Country includes 16 2”x2” WarLock Tiles, 2 plaster walls with half window, 2 plaster exterior wall doors, 6 plaster exterior wall doors, 8 plaster interior walls, a plaster interior door, 4 corner pillars, 4 plaster walls inside corner, 4 plaster walls outside corner, 16 wood beam edge caps, 45 WarLock clips, 16 DRAGONLOCK clips, and 16 OpenLOCK clips. WarLock Tiles: Town & Country has a MSRP of $49.99.

WarLock Tiles: Summoning Circles lights up any dungeon with LED light-up bases, each featuring one of five intricate designs. Each light-up base features multiple colors. Summoning Circles includes an Arcane Circle, a Druid Circle, a Demonic Circle, a Holy Circle, and a Whirling Circle. WarLock Tiles: Summoning Circles retails for $39.99.

WarLock Tiles: Doors & Archways brings players the tools everything they need to create multi-room dungeons and adventures. Each piece features integrated clear plastic bases that allow them to sit on top of tiles, vinyl maps, or tabletops. Doors & Archways include a wooden door, an iron door, a cell door, a hatch door, a secret door, a sewer entrance, a stone door, an iron double door, a wooden double door, and an iron portcullis. WarLock Tiles: Doors & Archways will have a MSRP of $39.99.

WizKids detailed the first WarLock Tile sets last month (see “First WizKids ‘WarLock Tile’ Sets”).

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