Artist Tom Lyle passed away on November 19 after experiencing an aneurysm, from which he never recovered, on September 25.

Lyle began working in comics in the 1980s.  During a run with DC from 1988 through the early 90s, he provided art for Starman, written by Roger Stern; three Robin limited series written by Chuck Dixon; and The Comet, written by Mark Waid.

In 1993, Lyle began penciling Spider-Man with #35, working on the "Maximum Carnage" and "Clone Saga" storylines.  He designed the look of the Scarlet Spider, a clone of Peter Parker with the same powers.  He also provided art for Punisher, written by John Ostrander, and Warlock.

Beginning in 2005, Lyle was an instructor at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he also served as Internship Coordinator, helping to connect students with internships.

A GoFundMe has been established to help his wife handle medical bills.