Wizards of the Coast is preparing to release Dungeon Mayhem:  Monster Madness, the third set for its light-hearted family card game, on February 14.

Monster Madness flips the script from the earlier Dungeon Mayhem games (see “Underground Disorder Dominates in ‘Dungeon Mayhem’”) by putting the players in the role of the monsters instead of heroes.  Each character has a unique deck of cards they can use to obliterate their foes as they seek to claim the largest share of the dungeon’s treasure.  Monster Madness also expands the game, allowing up to six players to join in.

{IMAGE_3}The new set features six characters inspired by classic Dungeons & Dragons monsters, including Delilah Deathray the Beholder, Hoots McGoots the Owlbear, Mimi LeChaise the Mimic, Lord Cinderpuff the Red Dragon, Blorp the Galatinous Cube, and Dr. Tentaculous the Mind Flayer.  MSRP is $24.99.

The new cards are fully compatible with the earlier versions of the game, so Monster Madness can be played on its own or combined with the original game and the Battle for Baldur’s Gate expansion (see “Deets and Date for ‘Dungeon Mayhem:  Battle for Baldur’s Gate’”).

Click Gallery below to see the new character artwork created by Cam Kendell.