Ablaze Publishing will release their first manga series -- Cagaster, by Kachou Hashimoto, a six-volume series that is the basis for the Netflix anime Cagaster of an Insect Cage (see "Ablaze Launches Manga Line with 'Cagaster'")Volume 1 is scheduled to be released in June..

Cagaster is a post-apocalyptic shonen sci-fi action story with overtones of Mad Max and Attack on Titan.  In the year 2125, a plague arises that turns people into giant man-eating insects.  The disease affects one out of every 1,000 people and eventually causes the collapse of civilization.  The story picks up 30 years later and follows an adventurer and insect exterminator named Kidou as he battles giant insects, searches for his friend Ilie’s missing mother, and tries to unravel the cause of the plague as well as the mystery of how to stop it.

Click Gallery below for a 15-page preview of the first volume.