We’ve confirmed that Dark Horse is continuing to produce some new titles for the book channel while comic store distribution by Diamond Comic Distributors is suspended (see “Diamond Halting Distribution of New Product”), and that Diamond’s book distribution arm is also shut down in this graphic novel distribution update.

Some portions of the book distribution channel are continuing to function during the coronavirus crisis, and some publishers active in comic stores are continuing to produce new titles on schedule and sending them to retailers that are open through the book channel (see, for example “Viz Continues Shipping Manga to Book Channel”).

Dark Horse is one of those publishers, a company spokesperson confirmed.  “Books are continuing to be released by our bookstore distributor Penguin Random House from whom comics retailers can also order,” the spokesperson told us. “While we have reduced our output we are continuing to send select titles to the printer for the book channel.”

We also reached out to Diamond Book Distributors to see if the book distribution arm of Geppi Family Enterprises was functioning, as at least some other book distributors seem to be.  “DBD is serviced out of the same warehouse as new DCD product, so is also on hold for the time being,” GFE CRO Chris Powell told ICv2. “We are evaluating the processes involved to see if orders can be processed while maintaining employee safety, but that evaluation is taking time.” Image is the largest graphic novel publisher distributed by DBD.