Free League Publishing will release a Starter Set for its Alien Roleplaying Game, along with Destroyer of Worlds, a new Cinematic module, in August.

The boxed Alien RPG Starter Set includes an abridged 104-page quickstart version of the core rules and some items previously released separately, including 20 custom dice, reference cards, character handouts, a large starmap, and the Cinematic scenario Chariot of the Gods (see "‘Alien RPG’ Supplemental Products"), all for $49.99.

Destroyer of Worlds, written by science fiction author Andrew E.C. Gaska (who also wrote Chariot of the Gods), follows Chariot, focusing on Colonial Marines.  The module set will include the scenario, maps, handouts, and cards in a box at $29.99.

The original core rulebook was released last December (see "’Alien’ Stalks the Tabletop"), and made the Top Five RPGs for the Fall/Holiday season (see "ICv2’s Top 5 Roleplaying Games – Fall 2019").