Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and Dark Horse Comics have both cut ties with editor Scott Allie in the wake of a new sexual assault allegation by former Dark Horse editor Shawna Gore.  Gore posted an account on Twitter of a 1999 incident in which Allie assaulted her as a van took a group of co-workers and colleagues to dinner after a day working a convention, along with a long-running pattern of abuse and harassment.

Gore made a point of noting that the incidents, unlike a situation in 2015 in which Allie admitted to a drunken groping incident at San Diego Comic-Con (see "Dark Horse Exec Editor Accused of Drunken Groping"), occurred during times when Allie was sober, and continued after the 2015 incident.

Mignola responded on Twitter.  "I believe Shawna Gore," he wrote.  "Given what I have read today, I will be discontinuing working with Scott Allie."

Dark Horse also posted a statement ending its relationship with Allie.  "We apologize to fans, creators, and employees for all the damage and hurt Scott has caused,” the company said.  "His removal from every Dark Horse project will be followed by sincere and active change…  We can and will do better."

Allie was an editor at Dark Horse, including a stint as Editor-in-Chief, from 1994 until 2017.  His Editor-in-Chief role ended in 2015, after which he became an Executive Senior Editor.  Since leaving the Dark Horse staff in October 2017 he continued to freelance for the company.