Stronghold Games announced that Stephen Buonocore, founder and longtime President of the company, will be stepping down from his role effective on August 1. Stronghold Games and Indie Boards & Cards merged back in 2018 (see "Stronghold Games and Indie Boards & Cards Merge"), and Buonocore continued on as the spokesperson for newly formed Indie Game Studios (see " ICv2 Interview: Stephen Buonocore")

Buonocore's departure at some point seemed like a foregone conclusion, as Stronghold Games would eventually be more integrated into recently formed Indie Game Studios.  Buonocore commented on his passing of the torch:

“It is now time for me to hand the reins of the Stronghold Games brand to a new generation of amazing people within Indie Game Studios," said Buonocore.  "I look forward to playing the games that are made by these great people as they manage the brands of Stronghold Games and Indie Boards & Cards.”

Indie Game Studios CEO Travis Worthington will continue to direct the merged company in Buonocore's absence, and Sydney Engelstein will fill the Director of Game Development role for Stronghold Games.