Powered by the strong performance of the movie adaptation at the box office (see 'Hellboy's #1') Hellboy Volume 1 was the top American graphic novel in bookstores last week, according to the Bookscan report for the week ending April 14th.  Volume Two came in at #27, and there were five Hellboy volumes in the top 100.  With the movie holding strong last weekend (see 'Hellboy Holds Strong'), prospects appear good for continuing good sales for the trade paperbacks. 


Rurouni Kenshin Volume 4 was the #1 graphic novel for the week over-all, and the red hot Viz property placed four volumes in the top 11 slots.  Tokyopop's Fruits Basket Volume 2 was the #2 graphic novel over-all, with Volume 1 in the #13 slot.  Naruto Volume Three and DNAngel Volume 1 rounded out the top five.