Bushiroad will release Magia Record  Booster Packs and Trial Deck+ for Weiss Schwarz on February 26, 2021.

Magia Record  is a popular smartphone game spin-off of the 2011 anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Booster Packs from this set feature 100 types of cards which include 22 types of parallels. Each pack contains 8 cards, with 20 packs per display, and displays will contain one of 5 exclusive PR cards.  Cartons will contain 20 displays and an exclusive English edition stitched playmat as a carton topper.

Magia Record Trial Deck+ includes a 50-card deck, featuring 20 types of cards with 7 parallels.  Each TD+ Deck will come with two shiny cards, and parallel foils randomly inserted into sealed deacks. Decks have a chance of including one of four RRR cards with special embossing or a voice cast-signed SP card.  Trial decks displays contains 6 decks, and each carton contains 8 displays.

Bushiroad also released Nazarick: Tomb of the Undead which is based on the isekai manga and anime series Overlord (see "'Weiss Schwarz' Raids 'Nazarick: Tomb of the Undead'").