Future Comics has changed its name, the format of its comic publications and its mode of distribution.  Henceforth known as 'Future Entertainment,' the publisher has eschewed monthly comics (see 'No Periodicals in This Future') in favor of 'mangaesque' trade paperback collections, which will retail for $9.95.  The first Future Entertainment trade paperback in the new format, Deathmask: Volume 1, will feature 112 pages of full color art by Dick Giordano.


No Distributors

Future, which began its publishing operations by distributing its own comics direct to retailers rather than going through Diamond, FM, or Cold Cut, will return to self distribution later this summer when it offers Deathmask: Volume 1 direct to retailers rather than through Diamond. 


Direct to Consumers

But selling direct to retailers is only the second stage in Future's distribution plan. Starting in May 2004, 'months before the book will be offered to retailers,' Future Entertainment will make Deathmask: Volume 1 available direct to consumers, who can order the book on Future's Website for a net price of $8.50.