An ICv2 Release.  ICv2 is now mailing free copies of ICv2’s Internal Correspondence, with deep dive analysis of the game and comic markets, directly to thousands of U.S. retailers.  Qualified U.S. retailers can get their free subscription just by asking:  send your store name and store address to Dennis Viau at

For retailers outside the U.S., Inernal Correspondence is available via Universal Distribution in Canada and Devir in Latin America.

For non-retailers or retailers outside the Americas, there are other ways to subscribe.

For librarians and educators interested in subscribing to ICv2's Internal Correspondence, order from EBSCO (title #408-601-128) or WT Cox (title #128411).

Digital copies (PDFs) are available instantly from your favorite DriveThru store.  To order a digital copy of ICv2's Internal Correspondence, click here.

ICv2 Pro subscribers have early and complete access to Internal Correspondence content as part of their paid access.  Click here for your free trial for ICv2 Pro.