Funko Games announced Pop! Funkoverse: Alice in Wonderland, a new Funkoverse Strategy Game, for release in mid-2021.

This new Funkoverse Strategy Game adds fun characters from Alice in Wonderland to the mix.  It comes with two exclusive Alice in Wonderland Funko Pop! figures, Alice and the Queen of Hearts, that can only be obtained in this product.  The game also features a Croquet game mode where Alice can compete against the tricky Queen like in the Disney movie.  This expansion can be combined with any of the Funkoverse Strategy Games for more variety.

The game box comes with  2 characters, 2 character bases, 2 Character Cards, 2 Basic Character cards, 2 Basic character tokens, a Status card, 2 Scenario cards, a Green Flamingo Mallet, a Pink Flamingo Mallet, 2 Item cards, 2 Cooldown Tracks, a double-sided map, 7 game tokens, 15 game markers, 11 Points, a first player marker, and instructions.  Each case of these games with contain a CHASE Red Queen figure, and each game will retail for $24.99.

Funko Games also announced Disney Princess: See the Story, a family game, for release in mid-2021 (see "Gaze into the Magical Wishing Well Alongside the Disney Princesses in 'See the Story'").

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