Will Niebling has been awarded the Rick Loomis Service Award for contributions to the games industry, the Game Manufacturers Association announced.  The award was created to honor the legacy of the late GAMA co-founder and longtime owner of Flying Buffalo Games, who passed away in 2019 (see "GAMA Unveils Rick Loomis Service Award").

Niebling has a long and illustrious career in the games industry, beginning as a part-time contributor for TSR to the original Dungeon Masters Guide, rising to Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the company and taking a role in an early Gen Con. As a consultant, he’s worked for major companies including Random House, Berkley Publishing, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Capital City Distribution.  He also worked for Grenadier Miniatures, Wizards of the coast, and Koplow Games before joining the group that took over Mayfair Games.

In his current role at his company ElfinWerks, Niebling continues to consult on game development and promotes international partnerships between game publishers.  Niebling also continues his work for Koplow Games, a relationship that has lasted almost four decades

Niebling has been involved with GAMA since its founding, and currently serves as Board member Emeritus, as well as contributing to numerous committees and programs.

The first Rick Loomis Service Award was presented a year ago to Avonelle Wing (see "Avonelle Wing Receives First Rick Loomis Service Award").